Billown Neolithic Landscape Project, Isle of Man, 1st Report 1995 by Timothy Darvill

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Billown Neolithic Landscape Project, Isle of Man, 1st Report 1995

Billown Neolithic Landscape Project, Isle of Man, 1st Report 1995 Timothy Darvill

Published December 31st 1996

ISBN : 9781858990064


60 pages

x DEGREESTBillown Neolithic Landscape Project, Isle of Man, 1995 DEGREESAby Timothy Darvill DEGREESDThe first report of a project to investiagte the early prehistoric archaeology of an area in the south of the Isle of Man, close to castletown. The area is recognised as rich in monuments. This report contains the results of surveywork, including the standing stones and stone circle and the excvation of trial trenches and finds included ceramics, flints and a large number of quartz pebbles.

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Billown Neolithic Landscape Project, Isle of Man, 1st Report 1995 He sat behind his desk, reading what I recognized to be a classic in the Air Force. I have always been very fascinated by this aspect of palm reading.

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Timothy Darvill

  • Billown Neolithic Landscape Project, Isle of Man, 1st Report 1995

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  • Billown Neolithic Landscape Project, Isle of Man, 1st Report 1995

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    Billown Neolithic Landscape Project, Isle of Man, 1st Report 1995 D: Students will build a layered-look book on the land and water of the region.

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The 1995 1st Neolithic of Report Billown Isle Project, Landscape Man, together all the

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