Perfectly Flawed (Moments #2) by J. Wells, L. Wells

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Perfectly Flawed (Moments #2)

Perfectly Flawed (Moments #2) J. Wells, L. Wells

Published May 28th 2017


Kindle Edition

350 pages

Natasha and Gabriel are thrown into parenthood and this should be one of the happiest times of their lives, but unforeseen circumstances and deep-seated problems within the family destroy their happiness, rocking the very foundations of their relationship in a way they could never have imagined. The gift of new life, rather than creating a special bond between them and bringing the pair closer together, is tearing them apart.Josh, Natasha's ex, is back on the scene with an offer the family are unable to refuse, forcing old feelings to resurface and bringing further complications to Natasha's life.Perfectly Flawed is a second-chance romance novel. There's no denying that Natasha and Gabriel's relationship had anything but the perfect start, so don't they deserve their happy ever after, their perfect ending?

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J. Wells, L. Wells

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