Modern Poe: Eureka by Mark Zahn, Edgar Allan Poe, Katie Aguado

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Modern Poe: Eureka

Modern Poe: Eureka Mark Zahn, Edgar Allan Poe, Katie Aguado

Published July 25th 2011


Kindle Edition

96 pages

"The universe is a plot of God." - Edgar Allan Poe Once you enter the world of Edgar Allan Poe's "Eureka," you may never be the same again... In this unique interpretation of the tragic poet's self proclaimed masterpiece, we are offered a glimpse at Poe's startlingly original ideas on God, the universe, the afterlife, and more. In Modern Poe, Edgar Allan Poe devotee Mark Zahn attempts to bring the brilliance of the poet's most challenging-and controversial-ideas into the modern world through unique poetical interpretations.

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Mark Zahn, Edgar Allan Poe, Katie Aguado

  • Mark Zahn, Edgar Allan Poe, Katie Aguado

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  • Mark Zahn, Edgar Allan Poe, Katie Aguado

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Modern Poe: Eureka Mark Zahn, Edgar Allan Poe, Katie Aguado Daniel Kurtz-Phelan s new book The China Mission will be also discussed.

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