A Glass Half Full by Esther Pinskier, Marvin S. Zuckerman

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A Glass Half Full

A Glass Half Full Esther Pinskier, Marvin S. Zuckerman

Published March 5th 2014

ISBN : 9780992449827

Kindle Edition

132 pages

Esther Pinskier began life in Warsaw, Poland in January 1926 - 13 years before the start of World War II. In A Glass Half Full, Esther recounts not only her life, but documents cultural life, social attitudes, living conditions and other historical remembrances which will provide the reader not only an insight into one part of the modern history of the western world, but also into what makes a person keep going forward when confronted with unspeakable horrors. Despite the back story, Esther's positivity and descriptions of life in post-war Paris, Australia and other parts of the world make this a fascinating read and in important social history document.

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Esther Pinskier, Marvin S. Zuckerman

  • Esther Pinskier, Marvin S. Zuckerman

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  • Esther Pinskier, Marvin S. Zuckerman

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