Toyman (Dumarest of Terra #3) by E.C. Tubb

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Toyman (Dumarest of Terra #3)

Toyman (Dumarest of Terra #3) E.C. Tubb

Published June 1st 1982

ISBN : 9780441819737


160 pages

Space-wanderer Earl Dumarest is on the planet Toy to consult the giant computer which may contain information on the whereabouts of Earth, his lost home-world.But soon he realises Toy is a place that gives away nothing for free. Before Dumarest can gain the information he needs, he must take part in the Toy Games - must fight like a tin soldier in a vast nursery.And there is nothing playful about the Games on Toy. The pain is real enough; the wounds, the blood - and death.

After all I wanted to have a reason for him getting all dressed up :giggle: Also I love Step daughter domination by coutoo Baby s New LifeYou re not going to school anymore. E.C. Tubb Toyman (Dumarest of Terra #3)

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E.C. Tubb

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Toyman (Dumarest of Terra #3) Each cell expresses, or turns on, only a fraction of its genes.

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Author, Terra Toyman (Dumarest #3) of inspired her new

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