A Road to Redemption (America's Second Revolution, #1) by Mark F. Geatches

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A Road to Redemption (America's Second Revolution, #1)

A Road to Redemption (America's Second Revolution, #1) Mark F. Geatches

Published September 7th 2020


Kindle Edition

279 pages

Two decades after the Wave of Destruction that nearly destroyed America, the United States is no longer recognizable. Dictator Joseph Stoner has transformed it into a socialist utopia. A society where, even though there is no freedom, there is also no opposition to his tyrannical rule. The weekend sabbaths where food, beer, and weed are handed out freely, have replaced self-will, disapproval, and even a sense of ambition in the soul of the people.When three kids, Zammi, his sister Sydney, and their best friend Straz sneak into the forbidden structure that was once Philadelphia’s Parkway Central Library, they realize how much has been lost. Not just gadgets and other possessions of a once wealthy nation, but a sense of community, truth, and freedom as well. Determined to make things right, they create a clandestine organization called The Liberation, and embark on a risky plan to overthrow the President.

John Culture, History, and the Future of Orthodox Liturgical Music in America.

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Mark F. Geatches

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A Road to Redemption (America's Second Revolution, #1) The Mighty Thor by Walter Simonson, Volume 3 author of text accompanying photos, Walt Simonson.

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