An Evil Day by George Pantages

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An Evil Day

An Evil Day George Pantages

Published August 9th 2007

ISBN : 9781602663428


140 pages

WHAT IS AN EVIL DAY? It will be a time of suffering that you have never experienced before. Although God will be at your side every step of the way, you will feel that your prayers are hitting the roof then falling to the floor unanswered. God's presence will be lifted and everything that you do will be done by faith. Every facet of your life will be affected (physically, emotionally, spiritually, and financially) and you will not know if you are coming or going. The fight will be taken out of you, neither having the strength nor the will to do anything about the situation. The losses will be so great that there will come a time that you ask God to die. An Evil Day not only explains the uniqueness of this time of suffering, but how to get through it when you just don't have a clue. GEORGE PANTAGES has had the hand print of God upon him from the tender age of 5. It was at this time that he was miraculously healed of polio when the doctors had given up. Although raised by a single parent, his mom, his physical handicap was never used as an excuse to not succeed. He left a promising football career in 1972 (USC'S national championship team) to serve the Lord and has done so to this day. He is currently evangelizing world wide and lives in California with his son Timothy.

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