The Essential Handbook of Women's Spirituality by Barbara G. Walker

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The Essential Handbook of Women's Spirituality

The Essential Handbook of Women's Spirituality Barbara G. Walker

Published June 30th 2001

ISBN : 9781931412643


320 pages

Since the 1983 publication of The Women's Encyclopedia of Myths and Secrets, Barbara Walker has been widely regarded as one of the most important feminist writers of the past twenty-five years. This sold handbook, originally published as Women's Rituals, is re-packaged in a fresh format with a new introduction and bibliography from the author for a new generation. This is a core text for every woman interested in feminist spirituality and ritual. It is all here---from techniques, procedures, and rituals for individuals and groups. Among the many topics covered are: holidays, chants, making mandalas, rites of passage, the laws of the goddess, tools and rituals for invocations.

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Barbara G. Walker

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    The Essential Handbook of Women's Spirituality Drug abuse is spreading like the black plague of past centuries.

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