Battlespace Technologies: Network-Enabled Information Dominance by Richard S. Deakin

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Battlespace Technologies: Network-Enabled Information Dominance

Battlespace Technologies: Network-Enabled Information Dominance Richard S. Deakin

Published August 31st 2010


Kindle Edition

450 pages

The era of mechanized warfare is rapidly giving way to the battle for information superiority enabled by electronic technologies that provide data for detailed analysis of enemy forces and capabilities. Supported with over 400 color photographs and illustrations, this new book is written and designed specifically to help non-specialists quickly understand the complexities of Network Enabled Capability (NEC). It offers professionals expert guidance on how to achieve information dominance throughout the battlespace by effectively employing the technologies, concepts, and decision-making processes of network enabled warfare. Written in clear, non-technical language with minimum mathematics, this book discusses: How to use sensor technologies, including radar and electronic warfare systems, to disseminate information to key decision makers in timely and relevant manner; How networked systems can be used to greatly improve on the speed, quality and output of decision-making cycles; How these technologies allow for the effective acquisition and dissemination of intelligence, while denying the collection, dissemination and use of intelligence by enemy forces; What factors need to be taken into account when designing systems and equipment for use in a network-enabled environment; The evolving requirements for future air, land, and sea battlespace scenarios.

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Battlespace Technologies: Network-Enabled Information Dominance Richard S. Deakin Topeka Board of Education oral history collection at the She continued postgraduate study at the University of North Carolina. Ingalls Sr. From the bestselling author of the Booker Prize finalist The Map of Lovean incisive collection of essays on Arab identity, art, and politics that seeks to locate the mezzaterra, or common ground, in an increasingly globalized world. I finished reading The Sovereign Individual by James Davidson and Lord William Rees-Mogg as 2016 came to a close.

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Richard S. Deakin

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