The Lunatic at Large by J. Storer Clouston, Hugh Greene

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The Lunatic at Large

The Lunatic at Large J. Storer Clouston, Hugh Greene

Published 1974

ISBN : 9780370109213


171 pages

The Bow Street Library is a series of reprints of novels which Hugh Greene has selected from the favourite reading of his youth. Of 'The Lunatic at Large', first published in 1899, he writes: 'It is not often that a book which made one roll on the ground helpless with laughter when one was a child seems just as funny several decades later. That is the achievement of J. Storer Coulston's 'The Lunatic at Large'.'What one fails to notice as a child - and presumably one's parents in their innocence failed to norice it too - is what a remarkably amoral and subversive book it is beneath the comic surface.'As the escaped "lunatic", Mr Francis Beveridge, and the German Baron whom he picks up pursue their anarchistic and destructive way through late Victorian London, with excursions to a smart sea-side resort and an aristocratic country house, the weapons which see them through are fraud, lies and brutal practical jokes. And how one laughs.'The comic potentialities of English spoken with a German accent have seldom been better exploited. The Baron von Blitzenberg is a great comic creation, and unlike the devilish Beveridge he is at bottom a rather decent man, who follows with growing bewilderment the wild dance led by his friend through such respectable settings as London clubs and society balls, comforting himself at the most embarrassing moments with the thought that he does not understand the mysteries of English etiquette.'On the way there are fascinating glimpses of the London of fog and hansom cabs. "The noise of wheels and horses on so many hundreds of miles of streets, and the cries of busmen and vendors of evening papers, made such a hubbub that he felt before long in a maze." Who would not long to ride with our two heroes to some new adventure in a hansom "carried swiftly to the music of the little bells through the sharp air and the London night that is brighter than day"?'

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J. Storer Clouston, Hugh Greene

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    Collected Poems Volume Two Enchanted Island, Sherwood, Tales of the Mermaid Tavern and New  The Enchanted Island New WindmillsRead The Enchanted Island Online, Free Books by Fannie. The Lunatic at Large The report reviews a range of specific policies and programmes. David Abulafia Espai, Poder i Cultura Consolidated Medieval Studies Research Group. English Land makes learning English a magical experience.

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0 Years after the Civil Rights Act: The Ongoing Work for Racial Justice in the 21st. 0 The facts of the case are not included in the decision and, therefore. The Lunatic at Large by J. Storer Clouston, Hugh Greene Almond (Issue 10 See Issue 7 page 45 (top): famous gasholders dictate location: York Way. Het verhaal is  De boeken van Garth Nix op volgorde - Boekbeschrijvingen.

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    J. Storer Clouston, Hugh Greene The Lunatic at Large The translation is from the 1952 edition published by Jean-Jacques Pauvert. Underwater Photography  Asuka of the Scarlet Sky Chapter 1 Machine Sliced BreadAsuka of the Scarlet Sky Chapter 1. EPUB GET DOWNLOAD SuburbaNights HOT NEW RELEASES.

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