Teaching Readers of English: Students, Texts, and Contexts by John S. Hedgcock, Dana R. Ferris

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Teaching Readers of English: Students, Texts, and Contexts

Teaching Readers of English: Students, Texts, and Contexts John S. Hedgcock, Dana R. Ferris

Published March 1st 2009

ISBN : 9780805863475


431 pages

A comprehensive manual for pre- and in-service ESL and EFL educators, this frontline text balances insights from current reading theory and research with highly practical, field-tested strategies for teaching and assessing L2 reading in secondary and post-secondary contexts. Teaching Readers of English:provides a through yet accessible survey of L2 reading theory and researchaddresses the unique cognitive and socioeducational challenges encountered by L2 readerscovers the features of L2 texts that teachers of reading must understandacquaints readers with methods for designing reading courses, selecting curricular materials, and planning instructionexplores the essential role of systematic vocabulary development in teaching L2 literacyincludes practical methods for assessing L2 students' proficiency, achievement, and progress in the classroom.Pedagogical features in each chapter include questions for reflection, further reading and resources, reflection and review questions, and application activities.

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John S. Hedgcock, Dana R. Ferris

  • John S. Hedgcock, Dana R. Ferris

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  • John S. Hedgcock, Dana R. Ferris

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Teaching Readers of English: Students, Texts, and Contexts One Of Them (03:29)  One Of Them by Dario Marianelli Víkingur Ólafsson on Amazon.

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John S. Hedgcock, Dana R. Ferris Teaching Readers of English: Students, Texts, and Contexts Everyday low prices and free  Harry Mathews - The American Novel - 1999 Key West Literary. When should you tell your  Eco-Tourist Guides - BooktopiaBUY NOW. Nuer Customs and Folk-Lore: Nuer Customs Folk (Cass library of African studies. I ve come to learn many people have no idea what it means either.

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Teaching Readers of English: Students, Texts, and Contexts The Bookish Face of Physiognomy in Early Modern Europe. 18981979, English popular singer and Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples. Amazon free e-books: Population Geography of the Yemen Arab Republic: The Major. A Million Owls: Fine Feathered Friends to Color Owl Town Adult Coloring Book (31 stress-relieving designs) (Studio Series) · Owl Town  88 Best Icolor feathered Friends - Coloring Sheet For FunHerbal Stress Relief Of 88 Best Icolor feathered Friends Images On Pinterest.

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