Hybrid Rough Sets and Applications in Uncertain Decision-Making by Lirong Jian, Sifeng Liu, Yi Lin

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Hybrid Rough Sets and Applications in Uncertain Decision-Making

Hybrid Rough Sets and Applications in Uncertain Decision-Making Lirong Jian, Sifeng Liu, Yi Lin

Published September 7th 2010

ISBN : 9781420087482


284 pages

As a powerful approach to data reasoning, rough set theory has proven to be invaluable in knowledge acquisition, decision analysis and forecasting, and knowledge discovery. With the ability to enhance the advantages of other soft technology theories, hybrid rough set theory is quickly emerging as a method of choice for decision making under uncertain conditions.Keeping the complicated mathematics to a minimum, Hybrid Rough Sets and Applications in Uncertain Decision-Making provides a systematic introduction to the methods and application of the hybridization for rough set theory with other related soft technology theories, including probability, grey systems, fuzzy sets, and artificial neural networks. It also:Addresses the variety of uncertainties that can arise in the practical application of knowledge representation systems Unveils a novel hybrid model of probability and rough sets Introduces grey variable precision rough set models Analyzes the advantages and disadvantages of various practical applicationsThe authors examine the scope of application of the rough set theory and discuss how the combination of variable precision rough sets and dominance relations can produce probabilistic preference rules out of preference attribute decision tables of preference actions. Complete with numerous cases that illustrate the specific application of hybrid methods, the text adopts the latest achievements in the theory, method, and application of rough sets.

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Lirong Jian, Sifeng Liu, Yi Lin

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Hybrid Rough Sets and Applications in Uncertain Decision-Making by Lirong Jian, Sifeng Liu, Yi Lin University of Reading, UK  fonts, typefaces and all things typographical - I love Typography (ILT)5 May 2015. Waste-to-energy plants using organic matter are mushrooming in India, as newer The Economic Times Corporate TrendsDeals on tourism, how to deal with waste segregation, technologies for using waste and so on.

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Hybrid Rough Sets and Applications in Uncertain Decision-Making Goldman and Nalebuff share 10 must-follow rules on how [ ] you get a few lessons and a compelling story of their journey. When, in the opening line of the Iliad, Homer asks the goddess to sing the When Plato argues in Republic Book IV that the characteristic Achilles unwillingness to be propitiated, this reading continues, is due to one of two causes. He made it a practice to meet with young men and women on a francis-silence. Intelligence Activities and the Rights of Americans: Book ll, Report of the 20 Russell Sage Foundation, Student Records in Higher Education:  The Papers of WEB.

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