Off the Beaten Track: Irish Railway Walks by Kevin Cronin

Journal of King Saud Sustainable Development and Biodiversity 10, p.

Off the Beaten Track: Irish Railway Walks

Off the Beaten Track: Irish Railway Walks Kevin Cronin

Published October 1st 2001

ISBN : 9780862815639


192 pages

Over the last century, approximately 1,920 miles of railway in Ireland have been shut down, giving birth to a new and unusual walking resource. This guide to walking the old railroad tracks of Ireland takes ramblers, travelers, and walking enthusiasts through some of the most beautiful terrain known to man. The walks in this book wind past abandoned stations quietly returning to nature, viaducts and tunnels stranded on hillsides, and impressive stone bridges hidden behind dense walls of foliage. The 20 line routes provided cover the entire country and comprise 40 distinct and interesting walks. Each contains a brief history of the line, walking maps, information on transportation to and from the site, and listings of restaurants, inns, and pubs along the route.

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Off the Beaten Track: Irish Railway Walks New York 2010, ISBN 978-0-387-93996-4  Amazon.

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    Type: Full-length; Release date: March 24th, 2009; Catalog ID: MDPH-02.

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