That Said: New and Selected Poems by Robert Schreur

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That Said: New and Selected Poems

That Said: New and Selected Poems Robert Schreur

Published December 18th 2017

ISBN : 9780692994764


274 pages

That Said gathers poems from ten of Robert Schreur's privately printed volumes, along with a selection of new poems. Included are short lyrics, blank-verse sonnets, erotic odes, children's verse, and three-line tanka. Across these styles the poet attempts to discover a personal language answerable to a demand for pleasure and insight. Taken together, the poems reflect an effort to achieve in poetic form an ethic of impermanence. Success in that endeavor might look like the "disorder of truths" Wallace Stevens wrote of: "They are things chalked / On the sidewalk so that the pensive man may see." That Said is an offering of such apprehended things.

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That Said: New and Selected Poems In the end, the CADCoin could be redeemed for cash.

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