Shadow-Forge Revelations by Stephen J. Bauer

She is the co-founder of  Lily Golightly American University in Bulgaria - Academia.

Shadow-Forge Revelations

Shadow-Forge Revelations Stephen J. Bauer

Published March 8th 2019

ISBN : 9781950580071


668 pages

‘Shadow-Forge Revelations’ is a fascinating science-fiction adventure that continues to explore our understanding of the universe and the theories that surround it. In this long awaited sequel to the ‘Quest of the Shadow-Forge’, this paranormal fantasy reveals the secret world of the strange and secretive guild of participants known as the Shadow-Forge. As part of the celestial nature of this supernatural world, that underlies our own universe, there is a never ending battle for control of our ever evolving universe. It is a battle whose combatants use their metaphysical abilities in an attempt to tip the universal balance towards chaos or harmony.Andrew’s adventures continue some years after his first encounter into this fifth dimensional realm. Unbeknownst to him, his destiny and that of his family are being manipulated by the dark forces of chaos towards one inescapable fate: Armageddon. As his father is enlisted to develop his theoretical research, which is needed to advance the company’s cutting edge research into dark matter detection, Andrew and his female Shadow-Forge mentor are accepted as ‘pod sleepers’ in the recruited group of lucid dreamers. Headed up by neuroscientists and physicists, this team of lucid dreamers is employed in an integration of humans with machine to capture and image gravitational waveforms. In an unfortunate twist of fate, the Shadow-Forge members discover the inadvertent consequences of their involvement in the pod sleepers’ program, only too late. As they unintentional open a portal into the fifth dimension upon the universe, they involuntarily instigate the Ragnarok that portends the termination of all existence: the ‘End of Days’ as portended via Revelations.

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Stephen J. Bauer

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Generous Living, talks about Generosity as a Lifestyle and the Secret to True. Shadow-Forge Revelations

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    Stephen J. Bauer By the late 1800s, nearly 50 years of progress afforded women advancement in .

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