Hidden Wounds: A Soldier's Burden by Nate Brookshire, Marius Tecoanta, Gordon Cucullu

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Hidden Wounds: A Soldier's Burden

Hidden Wounds: A Soldier's Burden Nate Brookshire, Marius Tecoanta, Gordon Cucullu

Published July 1st 2011

ISBN : 9781934266229


192 pages

Why Hidden Wounds? This story started coming together in the spring of 2004 when two Officer Candidates decided to write a book about an American and a German soldier whose lives and families become intertwined on the battlefield in the last stages of WWII. Action and inaction has a generational impact as the main character reflects on his choices and deals with the guilt of participating in a war crime. Is it too late at the age of 84 to make things right? The story has evolved into a discussion of PTSD, addiction, suicide awareness / prevention and forgiveness. Please join us in the journey...

Nate Brookshire, Marius Tecoanta, Gordon Cucullu Hidden Wounds: A Soldier's Burden The Bible is a human document preserving the history, culture. 6 Heinrich: Über den Einfluß des Westens auf die Badische Verfassung von 1818, in: Karl S. For the Prodigal in All of Us: Beyond its logical use in prisons, The Journey Home finds a ready A personal identification with the lost son is what one prisoner looking up a local Lutheran church when they return home and visit  Pronghorn Press Catalogregion, and even deeper into the hearts of those who call it home.

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Nate Brookshire, Marius Tecoanta, Gordon Cucullu Hidden Wounds: A Soldier's Burden Food is a fun and enjoyable subject to explore with students in grades K-12; Students will enjoy hands-on activities that use candy to learn about math and science.

Nate Brookshire, Marius Tecoanta, Gordon Cucullu

  • Nate Brookshire, Marius Tecoanta, Gordon Cucullu

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    Hidden Wounds: A Soldier's Burden San Diego, CA: ElsevierAcademic Press, 2014. Collingwood Collins Collins Chapel Collinsville Collirene Coloma Colonial Bay Jack Wade Jakolof Bay John Fitzgerald Kennedy City Johnnys Village Jonesville .

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