Remembering My Dad, My Hero. by Mary Elizabeth Beary

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Remembering My Dad, My Hero.

Remembering My Dad, My Hero. Mary Elizabeth Beary

Published December 6th 2013


Kindle Edition

11 pages

A short collection of inspirational moments, memories, heart wrenching and heart warming narratives, thoughts, dreams, wishes and love about a very special man. My hero, My Dad. Thomas J. Beary III. I hope you find humor, insight, lessons, love, faith and the knowledge that love is love and unchangeable. It never just goes away. It only changes in form. Because it is an energy. A living energy that never dies. Therefore the people we love, who we lose. Or think we 'lose' after they journey back from whence they came into the arms and realms of the Creator, they don't really 'go away' either. And neither does their love. Or your love for them. It just changes in form. It never dies. Love never dies, and love always finds a way. It is my wish for each and every reader that they glean this from this short collection in the first of my series, "Remembering My Dad, My Hero."

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Mary Elizabeth Beary

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    Mary Elizabeth Beary Remembering My Dad, My Hero. These…these are the days I will be talking about.

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True story My Hero. My Dad, Remembering San Piedro, memories

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