Shaking the Tree: New and Selected Poems by Jeanne Lohmann

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Shaking the Tree: New and Selected Poems

Shaking the Tree: New and Selected Poems Jeanne Lohmann

Published March 15th 2010

ISBN : 9781564744937


94 pages

This brave collection of poems focuses on what is to come and what remains, and how the two interact. Many of the poems are about naturetrees, of course, but also wildflowers and gardens with weeds, birds in flight, horses and dogs, the sea, the mountains. The hours of the day, from morning to night; the seasons of the year, from spring to winter and back to spring. And running throughout is an acknowledgment of time passing, the end approaching. The poet bravely accepts what is coming, even celebrates the coming of what will change us all from body back into nature. Meanwhile, until we greet that day, we greet each day. Jeanne Lohmann works with nature and listens to nature's lessons, a lifelong practice. The lessons seem to say that each moment is to be appreciated as unique, even if the whole process is recurring and dependable. Permanent and transitory, Nature stands for our well-being. So do trees.

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Jeanne Lohmann

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Shaking the Tree: New and Selected Poems In Blue Laws, Young has collected poems that span the twenty years between 1995 and 2015.

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