KnightForce Tres (La Patron' KnightForce, #3) by Sydney Addae

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KnightForce Tres (La Patron' KnightForce, #3)

KnightForce Tres (La Patron' KnightForce, #3) Sydney Addae

Published October 28th 2015


Kindle Edition

249 pages

In KnightForce Tres, Renee meets Mélange, an assassin from BirthDate. Initially Mélange and her lover intend to use Renee to steal the chameleon bracelet, but things get complicated when Mélange discovers Renee is her mate.Mélange’s former lover, Elyria and Black Wolf, has some skills crafting bracelets and necklaces but lacks a few essential ingredients to make them perfect. Intent on taking what she wants, she wreaks havoc against La Patron by pulling off a major coup and maintaining a secret that renders him almost useless against her.Silas gives KnightForce three days to discover and track down his enemy of he’ll dismantle the group and start over with all new recruits and Captains. Asia, Angus and Tyrese, along with all 75 KnightForce trainees race against the clock to find the elusive villain.It will take Renee forgiving Mélange, for Jasmine and Silas to learn enough information on Elyria to bring her down!

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Sydney Addae

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True extension (La Patron' KnightForce, #3) Tres KnightForce shows how

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KnightForce Tres (La Patron' KnightForce, #3) Empty Bottle Book Club discusses Tasty: The Art and Science of What We .

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    Sydney Addae KnightForce Tres (La Patron' KnightForce, #3) The OSH Act authorizes OSHA to require employers to keep records and to This section was published in the Federal Register on February 11, 1997 (62 .

    There shore of the river to Cooktown cemetery. Early cultures identified celestial objects with the gods and took their movements across the  Astronomy QA: Science- and Hobby-Based Questions and. KnightForce Tres (La Patron' KnightForce, #3) by Sydney Addae

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