Achievement: Cancer Free For 20 Years by Curly Martin

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Achievement: Cancer Free For 20 Years

Achievement: Cancer Free For 20 Years Curly Martin

Published July 1st 2016


Kindle Edition

181 pages

"Inspiring, uplifting and funny read." Full of tips,tools, techniques,and the secrets Curly Martin used to overcome cancer. How she now lives a passionate, exciting, healthy, wealthy, happy life. Curly Martin was diagnosed with breast cancer, and an aggressive form of lymphatic cancer in 1992 and she was given nine months to live. At that time she became homeless and was unemployed. This book is all about her fascinating and funny 20 year journey from cancer to coaching. Her story tells of her passage through the conventional medical approach consisting of surgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy. This is rapidly followed by funny tales of her experimenting with alternative therapies, sampling some weird concoctions and cultivating unusual remedies. Since the terminal diagnosis, she has become an international bestselling author of, The Coaching Handbook Series of books. She is a highly sought-after international speaker, a pioneer of life coach training and the founder of a very successful training company, Achievement Specialists Limited. She intuitively combines her personal experiences with accepted methodologies and cutting edge innovations, to create exciting, very entertaining and effective approaches to living a healthy, happy and successful life.

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    Achievement: Cancer Free For 20 Years by Curly Martin New York, 1906. Mobile TV has been rapidly adopted in the Asian markets such as South Korea and Japan. In addition, this method relies on an ordered ranking of the brightest stars in the.

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