It's Their House; I'm Just a Guest by Douglas Kent, Nemanja Simic

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It's Their House; I'm Just a Guest

It's Their House; I'm Just a Guest Douglas Kent, Nemanja Simic

Published September 21st 2014

ISBN : 9781501090967

Kindle Edition

195 pages

Convicted of Fraud, Douglas Kent is sentenced to 46 months in Federal Prison. This amusing but accurate memoir recounts the time he spent in the Federal Prison system, from the day of his arrival at Allenwood Prison in Pennsylvania through his time spent in a Federal Halfway House in the Dallas, Texas area. Along the way he meets unique and amusing characters, navigates the prison bureaucracy, suffers through the prison medical system, and tries to survive this forced vacation in one piece and his sanity intact. At times funny and at other times emotional and harrowing, follow the ups and downs of low-security prison life and the tedious experience. Laugh, cry, and perhaps pick up a tip or two about how you might make it through your own incarceration should you be unlucky enough to be sentenced to a Federal prison term. The memoir also offers glimpses into other parts of Douglas' life and what led him to become the person he is today.

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Douglas Kent, Nemanja Simic It's Their House; I'm Just a Guest Bohème Littéraire et Révolution: Le Monde des Livres au XVIIIe Siècle. Adam Thorpe admires refreshingly updated versions of two tales from The Mabinogion.

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It's Their House; I'm Just a Guest More Ladybird Heard series, with an audio CD of the story read by Alexander Armstrong.

Douglas Kent, Nemanja Simic

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