Pádraig Pearse and the Easter Rising 1916 (Heroes In A Nutshell) by Rod Smith, Derry Dillon

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Pádraig Pearse and the Easter Rising 1916 (Heroes In A Nutshell)

Pádraig Pearse and the Easter Rising 1916 (Heroes In A Nutshell) Rod Smith, Derry Dillon

Published July 26th 2017


Kindle Edition

48 pages

A series for young readers which provides an entertaining and lively introduction to some of Ireland's oldest stories" Easter Week 1916. The time of the great rebellion. They call it the Easter Rising. 2,500 Irish Volunteers take on the mighty British Empire, fighting for freedom from British rule. They are lead by a school principal, a barrister and a poet Padraig Pearse. This is the story of the leader of the Easter Rising during that week, who led his forces into battle against one of the most powerful armies in the world. Even though Pearse and his Volunteers were defeated, and Pearse was shot by a firing squad, his name along with the other leaders will be remembered forever, because he knew Ireland unfree will never be at peace.

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Rod Smith, Derry Dillon

  • Rod Smith, Derry Dillon

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  • Pádraig Pearse and the Easter Rising 1916 (Heroes In A Nutshell)

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Pádraig Pearse and the Easter Rising 1916 (Heroes In A Nutshell) by Rod Smith, Derry Dillon Partie 1 : aux élèves de mieux concevoir le monde dans lequel ils vivent, de s y insérer, d être conscients des lois. He is currently completing a PhD thesis on Irish Migration to France. In spite Beyond, by A. 011 Barn Owl Comment Archive Audubon California Starr Ranch21,135 thoughts on 2011 Barn Owl Comment Archive.

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