Black Ducks and Salmon Bellies by Craig Mishler

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Black Ducks and Salmon Bellies

Black Ducks and Salmon Bellies Craig Mishler

Published September 12th 2007

ISBN : 9781578642182


256 pages

Black Ducks and Salmon Bellies presents a comprehensive look at two Kodiak archipelago villages with a rich cultural history that extends from prehistory to Russian America to the present day. Author Craig Mishler spent over ten years visiting these rural Native Alaskan communities in the wake of the Exxon Valdez oil spill, illuminating such diverse topics as local history, demography, political organization, kinship, and expressive culture. Documenting the changes in these two communities over recent years, Black Ducks and Salmon Bellies paints a portrait of economic development amid a distinctive, vital way of life, as interviews with elders allow readers to hear a multiplicity of voices and identities when the Alutiiq people tell their own fascinating stories.

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Black Ducks and Salmon Bellies Here, we have many book WebTutor on Blackboard Instant Access Code for Environment Principles Connections and Solutions and collections to read.

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